Since 1993, EquiVision’s mission has been to share our client’s vision.  A shared vision manifests itself by being extremely customer service oriented.  We work with your hiring managers to achieve a more thorough, nuanced understanding of the candidates you are seeking to provide a more seamless, enduring fit within your organization.

From IP to IT, our experience makes us a great partner.  Staying on top of industry trends, operational concerns and competitive issues allows us to avoid long ramp up time, provide personal attention to each project, and always  impart professionalism in our dealings with both clients and candidates

We invest heavily in our own ongoing education and participate in several cross-industry organizations and boards. This enables us to continuously update our knowledge base regarding advanced services for communication networks and enterprises that deal in voice, video, and data products and their underlying technologies on a daily basis. That’s why we’re always aware of the leading-edge new protocols and devices that manage and support networks. This currency of knowledge about the industry and working with an ever-growing community of contacts means we can provide you with critical access to other key decision makers in the industry.

A wealth of experience in key industry verticals.
While EquiVision is equipped to be a great benefit to any company involved with telecommunications, we have extensive experience specifically in the following areas:

  • Cable Television
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional Services
  • Broadband Applications
  • SmartGrid
  • Telecom consultants
  • Enterprise Communications Networks
  • Federal and State WBE/SBE/DBE Certified
  • Subcontracting
  • CCR Listed